Complete Automated Link Building Strategy

In this post I am going to give a complete breakdown of my AFK link building strategy, which guarantees automated links are built with the minimal possible required effort, and maximum amount of safety. This guide assumes that the website is already completely built, keyword researched and optimised, tags and metas all correctly done.

Tools Required


Step 1: Unique Content

For all of my content I heavily use Spin Rewriter.

Step 1: Unique Content

Find 10 heavily niche relevant articles online and in these articles, be sure to add sentences and paragraphs that will contain keywords to be replaced with anchor text when they are submitted for link building. For example: Let’s say in our articles we want to target the keywords “online seo“, “seo services” and “top seo“. The source article has the following:

“When designing a blog, the most important factor to take into account is the seo that will be completed”

This must be change this to:

“When designing a blog, the most important factor to take into account is the {online seo|seo services|top seo services} that will be completed”

In other words, it still has to be perfectly human readable, while the anchor text fits perfectly into the text, making sense and giving a powerful backlink.  If I am doing a medium size site, such as a 10 pager or more, I often will use all of the keywords in each of the articles, so I know they can be replaced with anchor text successfully 100% of the time when they are auto posted.

You should also use a branding anchor in every post that’s submitted (Yes, that’s 2 backlinks per tier 1) For example:

“For more information, please feel free to check out {AFK Earnings|AFK-Earnings|AFKEarnings|||}” – This is an example of what you would add for Branding.

Once you have corrected the source articles to contain all of the following – Autospin them using SpinRewriter and then manually correct any sentences that don’t make sense or add your own synonyms to a number of words, the aim is to make these as unique and as humanly readable as possible. Ensure to add 1 relevant image and video, from a large array of spun keywords. Remember, these are going directly to your money site, and as such, have to contain the best possible content for them to both get indexed and not flagged as spam. You can’t rush your tier 1, this is the most important step. Screw this up, and your site won’t rank.


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